Mini Conversation Colloquial German: Fußball

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This is a short and very casual conversation as it can happen everyday now that the “EM” is  going on. Look for explanations of new vocabulary below :) Enjoy! Und viel Spaß beim Fußball gucken!   VOCABULARY Wohin des Weges? – Where are you going? It’s actually a quite archaic way to ask this question, similar to “Whither goest thou?”, …

Beginner Vocabulary: Winter words (with PDF!)

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It’s getting cold in Germany and some regions already had the first snow of this winter. Brrr! You may hate or love winter, but anyway, you can cuddle up with a cup of tea, a cozy blanket and some German vocabulary – with our Winter Edition :) Your winter words and phrases are now even available as a PDF (see …

German writing tips: introduce yourself

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Learn how to write a short introduction about yourself in German. This can also be used for your Level A1 test preparation. LISTEN to the text here (click me) Useful Vocabulary: Verbs (all highlighted in the text above) ich bin – I am -> You can use  “Ich bin” and  add your name, your age and your job! E.G. “Ich …

TV programme for refugees in Germany

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“Marhaba – Ankommen in Deutschland” by n-tv is the first TV programme specifically created for refugees and immigrants in Germany, it wants to make starting a new life in Germany easier for the immigrants by explaining Germany and its people. The programme is in Arabic and with arabic or  German subtitles available.

Umzug und Podcasts

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Hallo! Die letzte Woche war sehr aufregend. Meine Schwester ist umgezogen. So ein Umzug ist immer sehr anstrengend: man muss Kartons packen, sich um neue Verträge kümmern – z.B. für Telefon oder Internet –  und man braucht viel Geld, wenn man sich neue Möbel oder Küchenutensilien kaufen will. Und auch für die Kaution! Am Umzugstag muss man dann alle Möbel …

German Podcast!

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Welcome to German Made Easys new Podcast. This Podcast will help you learn German  even if you haven’t got much time. You will learn about everyday life in Germany and of course new vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, improve your listening comprehension etc. The level will be lower intermediate to intermediate, and sometimes there will be more easy episodes, also suitable …

German reading: Der Frühling

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Learn new vocabulary by reading :) This is a short text for beginners about spring. Vocabulary inlcuded. Enjoy ♥ Der Frühling Wenn der Frühling kommt, dann wird es wärmer. Der Winter ist vorbei, der Schnee schmilzt, die Vögel zwitschern und die ersten Blumen blühen. Die Frühlingsmonate sind März, April und Mai. Typische Frühlingsblumen sind Maiglöckchen, Narzissen, Tulpen und Krokusse. Im …

Kaffee & Kuchen Quiz

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Take a coffee break with this short  German “Kaffee und Kuchen”-Quiz. Do you know all the names? :) Quiz erstellt von German Made Easy mit ExamTime