What type of courses do we offer?

German courses – Learn German online via Skype

Private lessons: I offer German online lessons for beginners, intermediate or advanced. I also specialise in test preparation and Business German. See more details below. Click here to book a lesson

Test Preparation

  • Preparing for German language exams like the Goethe exam (A1 to C2), TELC, DSH and others
  • General training of all aspects (reading, writing, speaking, listening), but specialized training is also available
  • If you are looking to improve your writing skills only, try our Text correction services

Beginner level A1-A2

  • Focus on Speaking and basic Grammar
  • You’ll speak German a lot from the very first lesson
  • Material: we use e.g. online material like grammar exercises, videos etc., the coursebooks Menschen A.1 (Hueber Verlag) und Begegnungen A2 + (Schubert Verlag)* or studio d textbooks

*there is also the option to use DAF Kompakt, if you need to get to the B1 level very fast

Intermediate level B1-B2

  • Speak with confidence and focus on vocabulary extension
  • fine-tuning your pronunciation and working on accent reduction
  • focus varies depending on your needs: writing, listening, translating
  • Material: Begegnungen B1+, Aspekte B1 und B2, studio d, online articles, videos, music etc.

Advanced level C1-C2

  • conversational practice, writing assignments (if required), test preparations
  • fine-tuning your Grammar
  • Material: mostly conversational, videos, music etc,  material from e.g. Aspekte, Mittelpunkt

 German at work: Business German

  • presentational skills and business communication (phone, email etc.)
  • preparing for a job interview in German, writing an application in German, etc.
  • Material: Geschäftliche Begegnungen (Schubert Verlag), online articles, videos
  • specialized vocabulary

I also offer preparation for language tests, travel, German for Kids etc. Just contact me with your requests :)

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  1. Prakash

    I want to give Deutsch A1 Goethe Exam , I know basic german but I don’t have exam skill , how to prepare for it , what is your price It

    Vielen Danke!

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