Beginner Vocabulary: Winter words (with PDF!)

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It’s getting cold in Germany and some regions already had the first snow of this winter. Brrr! You may hate or love winter, but anyway, you can cuddle up with a cup of tea, a cozy blanket and some German vocabulary – with our Winter Edition :) Your winter words and phrases are now even available as a PDF (see link below)! Enjoy!



der Schneemannthe snowman
Wir bauen einen Schneemann.We're building a snowman.
die Handschuhegloves
Es schneit.It is snowing.
der Schneethe snow
die Schneeflockethe snowflake
die Mützethe hat
der Schalthe scarf
Es ist kalt.It is cold.
Schlittschuh laufen to (ice) skate
der Schneeballthe snowball
die Kältethe cold
Es sind Minusgrade.The temperature is below zero./ It is below zero.
Ski fahrento ski
frierento freeze, to be cold
der Winterthe winter

For the PDF version, please click here.

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