German teacher reviews:

Sabine is an excellent teacher. She knows the print materials we are using very well; she is thoughtful in her approach and always prepared. She gets us to speak and she corrects our frequent mistakes appropriately, with a good balance of examples and explanation. We have had experience with numerous teachers in different languages; she is truly outstanding. (David & Elisha Aaron, USA)

I had 14 lessons in total with Sabine and I feel that I learned a lot. We practiced vocabulary about several important subjects like living, friendship, ordering in a restaurant and so on. I also learned some very useful grammatical tips. Sabine is a great teacher. She uses interesting ways to teach you a language through natural conversation. She is a very open-minded and a friendly person. I can recommend having German lessons with Sabine. You helped me to make great proress with German. Thank you Sabine! :) (Roope, Finland)

“Sabine is an amazing teacher. I had no previous knowledge of German, but after some months I suddenly feel that I am able to understand and speak German almost intuitively..thanks to her „immersion style lessons“, where you WILL speak German from day 1.” (Esther, UK)


I have been meeting with Sabine for four months now, twice a week. When we started, I could barely say hello in German. I have never learned another language before, and still have a lot of work todo, but I really feel that I have come a long way in four months. I am traveling to Germany in July and thanks to Sabine’s help, I am confident that I will be able to communicate effectively. I have tried other teachers and did not like their styles, they really were giving me to much to quickly. Sabine brakes down everything and really has patience with me when I pronounce a German word in English. If you are nervous about not understanding something with your instructor, Sabine is the way to go. She is fluent in English (She speaks better English than I do, and I’m a native speaker). German grammar is not the easiest thing in the world, but she really patiently works with you to make sure you get it. Highly recommend and I can’t say enough good things about her! (Jay, US)

After a couple of online lessons I already noticed a difference. I could understand German better and slowly I’m starting to speak better and with more confidence. I can highly recommend Sabines lessons. (Victor, Denmark)

Outstanding. Sabine quickly determined my level of experience and structured my lesson accordingly. Her teaching method, and her personality, make for a productive learning session. I can honestly say that I learned more in my one hour session with Sabine than any other method I have used. I definitely found the right teacher. Looking forward to my next session! (Dennis S., US)

A fun and patient teacher. She should definitely help me improve my spoken german. I also like how she writes much of the conversation down so I can go back and study new phrases and words. (Bryan, US)

(…) I was pleased with Sabine’s friendly personality and professional demeanor.(…) She offers structured lessons complete with an online workbook. Most importantly, she sounded genuinely interested in tailoring future lessons to achieve my immediate goals (my wife and I will take a two-week a tour of Germany later this summer, and I do not want emulate the “ignorant American” stereotype). By the end of our lesson, I felt confident that Sabine can help me overcome my fear of communicating outside of my native tongue. (John, US)

I enjoyed every minute. Not only was this my first one on one tutor session for language instruction, but my first “Skype” experience. After a few minutes of introducing each other, we jumped right into German with basic phrases. Sabine was very patient, kind, and her approach to correcting my mispronunciations was excellent; firm, succinct , and smooth. I highly recommend her for learning German. Also, her English is excellent, I understood her very clearly. (Joseph H., US)

I had an excellent first lesson with Sabine; she was very helpful & friendly, and patient with my basic, beginner-level German. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve. (Iain, UK)

I loved learning German via music, it was great fun. Sabine had planned the session really well, and I really found it useful and enjoyable. Thanks! (Emma R., UK) 

Nice and knowledgeable! She maximizes her teaching time to share as much as she can. (Jeanette, Switzerland) 



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