German World Cup Vocabulary

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Are you watching the Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft? In German, even??  Use this list of common German soccer vocabulary to help you understand what’s going on ;)   der Fußball – football der (Fußball-) Spieler – (football) player die Weltmeisterschaft – the world cup die Mannschaft – the team der Anpfiff – kick-off der Kapitän – skipper der Elfmeter – penalty das Abseits … Read More

How to be more German: 11 easy ways

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Your ultimate guide to be a bit more German ;) 1. Don’t go shopping on Sundays. 2. Any time you do go shopping or leave the house  for some reason, wear one of these cool outfits:           3. Quit work at 1 pm on fridays.   4. Celebrate christmas on the evening of the 24th, called … Read More