How to be more German: 11 easy ways

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Your ultimate guide to be a bit more German ;)

1. Don’t go shopping on Sundays.


Thomas Max Müller /

2. Any time you do go shopping or leave the house  for some reason, wear one of these cool outfits:







3. Quit work at 1 pm on fridays.



4. Celebrate christmas on the evening of the 24th, called Heiligabend. This is when the “Bescherung” (handing out of presents) takes place in Germany.



5. Open your beer bottle with anything but a bottle opener. Examples: a cigarette lighter, another bottle,a keyboard,  a spoon, your teeth, your belly button…



6. Watch Tatort on Sunday evenings.



7. For your next vacation, visit BALLERMANN!!!


Rainer Sturm /


8. Seperate your garbage.



9.  Use words like “also”, “genau” and “doch”  all day long.



10. Watch more Fußball. When there is a world cup or European championship, make sure to decorate your car/house/kids/pets/self with  a sufficient amount of German flags.



11. Last but not least: Eat more Döner.

 Marcelo Träsel

Photo by: Marcelo Träsel

2 Comments on “How to be more German: 11 easy ways”

  1. Tom

    “9. Use words like “also”, “genau” and “doch” all day long.” : I guess you meant “ach so”?
    Das ist wirklich geil :)

  2. sabine

    You’re definitely right about”ach so”! But I really meant “also”, some people start every sentence with it ;)

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