German Plural Quiz

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Test your knowledge of the German Pural forms! A great german plural quiz suitable for level A1. Have fun :) Quiz erstellt von German Made Easy mit GoConqr

German reading: Der Frühling

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Learn new vocabulary by reading :) This is a short text for beginners about spring. Vocabulary inlcuded. Enjoy ♥ Der Frühling Wenn der Frühling kommt, dann wird es wärmer. Der Winter ist vorbei, der Schnee schmilzt, die Vögel zwitschern und die ersten Blumen blühen. Die Frühlingsmonate sind März, April und Mai. Typische Frühlingsblumen sind Maiglöckchen, Narzissen, Tulpen und Krokusse. Im … Read More

New website for reading German: Subjekte

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Great for learners AND  teachers: Subjekte is a new website for German learners who want to practise reading German while also learning interesting facts about Germany (politics, culture and much more). The best thing: the language used is “only as complicated as necessary”. Definitely worth a look & a read: → Happy reading ♥

The German Alphabet

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So, where to start when learning German? A good idea is to get familiar with the  Alphabet first, so today I’m sharing some helpful links for you to learn it online. You can start right away: Top 5 links on the Web for learning the German Alphabet   1.Listen and repeat on this website (just click on the letter you … Read More

German Christmas Songs (Playlist)

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Enjoy a playlist of 24 Christmas songs sung in German. With Nena, Puhdys, Nat King Cole (singing in German!) and many others. You can listen to the embedded playlist without signing up to Spotify. Fröhliche Weihnacht!

German expressions of the week

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Here are the German expressions of the past week with Audio. Enjoy :) mit Ach und Krach – by the skin of one’s teeth/with great difficulty Mir ist kalt. – I’m cold. Ach du meine Güte! – Oh my goodness! Ich bin beschäftigt. – I’m busy.

Learn German to study for free in Germany

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If you still need a reason to learn German, here it is: Last week, Germany abolished all tuition fees for studying at university. All German universities are now free to all students, including international students who learn to speak German. Find out more here:

German abbreviations you’ll never find in a textbook

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In German, you can abbreviate everything. Even not so long words. And Germans are really crazy about shortening words, even though a lot of Germans also find this really annoying ;) But neverthless, you will hear a lot of these strange words when you spend some time in Germany or speak with Germans…so here are some common abbreviations, most of … Read More