German abbreviations you’ll never find in a textbook

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In German, you can abbreviate everything. Even not so long words. And Germans are really crazy about shortening words, even though a lot of Germans also find this really annoying ;) But neverthless, you will hear a lot of these strange words when you spend some time in Germany or speak with Germans…so here are some common abbreviations, most of them are found in conversations only or in ‘Internet language’:

  • Bibo/Bib = die Bibliothek (library)
  • Ellis = die Eltern (parents)
  • Ersti = der Erstsemester (freshman)
  • Fitti = das Fitnesstudio (the gym)
  • es funzt nicht = es funktioniert nicht (it doesn’t work)
  • Kartoffelpü = das Kartoffelpüree (mashed potatoes)
  • O-saft = Orangensaft (orange juice)
  • Schland = Deutschland, used in the context of soccer mostly
  • Schoki = Schokolade (chocolate)
  • Spüli = das Spülmittel (dish soap)
  • Tatüs – Taschentücher (handkerchiefs)
  • Öffis = die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel (public transport)


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