The German Alphabet

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So, where to start when learning German? A good idea is to get familiar with the  Alphabet first, so today I’m sharing some helpful links for you to learn it online. You can start right away:

Top 5 links on the Web for learning the German Alphabet


1.Listen and repeat on this website (just click on the letter you want to listen to).




2. Find pronunciation explanation &  help with English word/sound examples at German About

learn german alphabet


3. Enjoy a fun video by Deutsch für Euch:


4. Practise time! Memrise flashcards with Audio for the Alphabet and the special characters (you need a memrise account for this). LINK

learn german alphabet


5. Song:  Fanta 4 – MFG

Listening practise with this famous Song by “Die Fantastischen Vier”. They use thousands of abbreviations in this song, so play it once or twice and write down all that you get. Then compare your abbreviations with this list (and learn their meaning if you klick on the English version).


Happy studying ♥

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