A German Intensive course..online?

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The past week, I taught my first intensive German course online, with a private C1-level student from Switzerland. The student took 12 hours of German lessons in 5 days. We split the 2-3 hours a day between grammar (such delightful topics as Partizipalkonstruktionen, Passivsätze, etc.), speaking and working on his writing.
It was great teamwork and the outcomes at the end of the week were great, too. The student really made a big jump forward in his language learning after only one week of intensive German.

Some benefits of the online intensive german course:

  • The same advantages as for online classes in general apply: you can choose the time, have classes from the comfort of your home, you save time because you don’t have to get anywhere by car, train, etc…but still, you’re learning with a native speaker.
  • Learn what you really want and need to learn with private, one-2-one lessons..this is  100% about you and your goals! (This also aplies to all private classes)
  • The student told me, for him it was almost  like a little trip to Germany! And he never got to speak 2-3 hours German in a row before..it got easier every day. What he also stressed as the most important fact: that private intensive classes are really, really super-intensive in a good way, as he always felt animated and inspired to talk and think in German :)

So all in all, this week was very effective, we actually got done a lot more than planned and the student was very happy with his progress. So if YOU are wondering if you can have an intensive course online, I hope this short review gives you the assurance that it works very well and you will definitely progress in your language learning – even within a week!


Philippe speaking German :)

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