German Plural Quiz

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Test your knowledge of the German Pural forms! A great german plural quiz suitable for level A1. Have fun :) Quiz erstellt von German Made Easy mit GoConqr

German dictionaries online & gender help

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Still looking for a good German online dictionary? Many students ask me about this, so here are some recommendations for online dictionaries, not only for German-English/English-German: 1. Find almost any word there, at least in the german-english dictionary. But also translates into many other languages. 2. PONS online dictionary  Many languages available, listening function, useful short phrases for … Read More

Song to learn German cases

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German cases, esp. Accusative and Dative, are a grammar topic that a lot of German learners struggle with..but with this song it’s easier to remember when to use which case.. give it a try :) Tipp: Wohin? = Akkusativ   Wo? Dativ

Top 3 websites for learning German Grammar

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Learning German grammar on the internet can be fun! Here are 3 websites that make learning about cases, gender, prepositions etc. a bit more enjoyable and easy :) Again, all of this is free!! 1. Grimm Grammar Lots of grammar topics and exercises that are all related to fairy tales..learning German has never been that enchanting! ;)     2. … Read More

Learn German with dialogues #2

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Learn real German with authentic dialogues! Today a conversation with a lot of local prepositions. Enjoy :) A: „Wo kommst du jetzt her?“ B: „Aus der Schule. Und du, kommst du von zu Hause?“ A: „Nein, ich komme von Tim, ich habe ihn besucht. Aber ich gehe jetzt nach Hause.“ B: „Ok, hast du es eilig, oder willst du noch … Read More