5 German expressions & phrases for Mondays

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1. todmüde:  dead tired Oh Mann, ich bin todmüde!!” 2. gerade mal: only, no more than Oh Nein, es ist ja gerade mal 12 Uhr!!” 3. ätzend: lousy, god-awful “Boah, ist der Tag ätzend!” 4. Das Montagsgerät = defectice products, with e.g. missing or wrong parts, presumably manufactured on a Monday (=> tired and innatentive assembly line workers) z.B.: Das … Read More

German expressions with “machen”

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sich vom Acker machen – to posh off blaumachen – to skip work aus einer Mücke einen Elefanten machen – to make a mountain out of a molehill die Nacht durchmachen – to pull an all-nighter es kurz machen – to cut a long story short  

Learn “real” German with dialogs

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New series: German dialogs to learn real spoken German! Short conversations with authentic language -as an alternative to the somehwat unnatural sounding conversations in common textbooks. Vocabulary explanations provided :) Nr. 1: “Abendplanung” A: „Was machst’n du morgen?“ B: „Hab’ noch nix vor.“ A: „Wollen wir ins Kino?“ B: „Was läuft denn grad so?“ A: „Weiß ich gar nicht so … Read More

NEW: Group lessons!

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Now available: Group lessons via Google Hangouts, starting with a conversation group for levels B1-B2. Learn more about it here. Advantages of group lessons: Learning with others can keep you motivated The lessons will be regular (usually once a week for 12 weeks), also great for motivation! Try it and contact me if you’re interested in more group lessons (:

The Denglisch Quiz

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Take the quiz and test your knowledge of German idioms (translated into English). :D Luckwish! I scored 100% on this lustig Denglisch quiz. The average is 54% – Try and beat it, aftermaker! http://www.thedenglischquiz.com  

Top 3 websites to learn German online

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How to get started if you want to learn German? What to do to practise your skills? Some of the most useful websites (all free!) to learn German are introduced here, including information on how to use them effectively: 1. Duolingo A free website where you can learn Spanish, German, English, French etc., mostly by translating sentences. A game-like learning … Read More

Photographer Peter Lindbergh

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I love photography and wanted to introduce you to one great German filmmaker and photographer: Peter Lindbergh. Below a little selection of some of his wonderful and mostly black & white photography, find more on his official homepage here: www.peterlindbergh.com  

Easy German

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Do you want to listen to “real” spoken German? Learn German from the streets with the videos from Easy German. With German and English subtitles! Playlist: click here Latest Video:

Genius: Genusly

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Ok, you can throw away your German grammar books now, or at least rip out the chapters about German gender and articles. Awesome! Genusly is a great tool, that lets you type or copy&paste a text in German, and it will tell you the gender of the nouns:   So the colour tells you the gender, and then you can … Read More